Tourist Spots

Bato Kipot River

The Bato Kipot is a river with breathtakingly unique gigantic rock formations situated in the protected Sibalom Natural Park specifically in barangay Tordesillas, Sibalom, Antique. The hidden paradise is blessed with the beauty of nature that can absorb its energy, breath taking fresh of water that ideal for swimming adventure and dive into a greenish cold waters of the river while watching birds flown around the forest area. This river can create unforgettable experience and enthralling activities during holidays and summer. The place is haven for nature enthusiasts which required about 45 minutes to 1 hour walk from the main road going to the site itself. The site is ideal for millennial type of visitors and young adult particularly adventurous type of individual and those people who are seeking memorable lookouts and tranquil picnic areas.

Indaga Cold Spring

The indaga cold spring.