Sibalom is now well-known for its tagline “Experience the Gems of Sibalom” which means discovering the magnificent ecotourism places and natural wonders of the municipality. Visitors and tourists would be able to experience distinctive and natural adventures, natural attractions, pure hospitality, and relish the simple joy from local host populations and accommodations. Sibalom envisions to be the “Leading Ecotourism Wonder and Natural Adventure Destination in Western Visayas by 2025”.

Region: Western Visayas, Region VI

Province: Antique

Barangays: 76 barangays


The Municipality of Sibalom is a second class municipality and is one of the three (3) interior towns of the province of Antique, Philippines. Sibalom has a total land area of 26,869.73 hectares of which 83% is considered rolling and mountainous. Composed of 76 barangays, Sibalom is considered the biggest municipality in the province in terms of the number of barangays. The town is rich in its natural resources, arts and crafts and tourist attractions. The main livelihood of the residents in Sibalom is farming and it is dubbed as the “rice bowl of Antique”. When it comes to arts and crafts, most livelihoods are handicrafts, bamboocrafts, woodcrafts, terracotta making and gemstone processing. The Sibalom’s brand is “The Gemstone Capital of the Philippines” for its boulders of gemstones or semi-precious stones which is one of the popular souvenirs for tourists, are abundant and autochthonal in Municipality of Sibalom particularly in the more than 3 kilometer-stretch of the Mau-it River. Relative thereto, the Local Government Unit of Sibalom declared the upstream of the Mau-it River from Barangay Igpanolong  as Municipal Natural Heritage on February 8, 2019 by virtue of Municipal Ordinance No. 001-2019.


The Official Seal of Municipality of Sibalom is

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