The threatening surge of COVID-19 Case in NCR & other provinces is on concern that we have to be cautious of and must provide measures to prevent it in our locality.
This beginning of the year, we will be witnessing the influx of people inside the municipal hall with the renewal of permits, payment of taxes, renewal of tricycle franchises and other transactions with our offices.
In this connection, in order to minimize convergence of people inside the hall, there will be a separate door for entrance (main door) and for exit (side door facing the Civil Service) and should be strictly adhered to by everyone.
Observance of minimum health protocol should be maintained (wearing of face mask, social distancing, hand sanitizing).
DRRM personnel (C/O Marron) will do the regular disinfection of the lobby and corridor after office hours starting this afternoon.

Let us see to it that we are all kept safe from (COVID transmission, thus the cooperation of everyone is enjoined.
For the information, guidance and compliance of all.

Municipal Mayor