Let’s explore and experience the gems of sibalom.

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Sibalom Natural Park is a 5,511.47-hectare (13,619.1-acre) protected area in the Philippines on the island of Panay in the municipality of SibalomAntique. It was proclaimed a natural park on 23 April 2000. It is considered as one of the last remaining lowland rainforests on Panay.
The park was first established on 28 June 1990 as the Tipulu-an Mau-it Rivers Watershed Forest Reserve covering 7,737 hectares (19,120 acres) of an important watershed.

Mt. Poras, Imparayan Highland Forest Park, Indaga Cold Spring, Bato Pispis.

These eco-adventures destinations are located within the Sibalom, Natural Park particularly in barangay Imparayan, Sibalom, Antique. There are various natural possessions that can amaze visitors’ curiosity for traverse the pristine of landscape of its green scenery, spy the chirping endemic birds, dare the challenging trails and height of Mt. Poras to see the world largest flower-the Rafflesia speciosa, Imparayan Highland Forest Park known as SNP Ecotourism Facilities, the Natural Cold Spring Water of Waterfalls, Cold Water in Indaga Creek, beautiful views of Bato Pispis, and many more. This area is a perfect place for summer gateway and has pleasurable place to relax and perfect venue for a different adventure like soon to have a zip lining, mountain biking activities, mountain climbing, bird watching, camping, horseback riding and many others. There are also an endemic mammals and birds also call the park their home, such as the Visayan Warty Pig, Visayan Spotted Deer, Panay Bushy-tailed Cloud Rat, Tarictic Hornbill and Walden’s Hornbill in the Park.